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Making a difference to the lives of Young Carers and Young Adult Carers.

Who is a Young Carer?

If you are providing care to an adult or child in your family you may be a young carer. Young Carers do more in the family home than would usually be expected by a child of their age.  This might mean that you do the shopping; manage the household bills; support someone emotionally; provide help to someone to help them get washed and dressed; provide medication or help to look after your brother or sister (sibling) helping to manage their behaviour.

Being a young carer can take up a lot of your time and stop you joining in with different stuff with your friends.  It might mean that you find it difficult to make friends as you are unable to do anything after school / college as you need to get home to help out. Being a young carer can also mean that you may find it difficult to concentrate in school / college and keep up with our studies. This might mean that you do not end up with the qualifications you need to get the job that you want or to go to university. If you feel you are finding things a bit hard or you are a bit worried about what will happen in the future there are different people and organisations that will listen to your worries and give you some help and support.  Speak to an adult that you feel comfortable talking to and tell them how you feel; this could be your parent, a teacher or a professional that is coming to your house to help the person that needs care and support.