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Creating fun opportunities
for children and young people
with additional needs and disabilities.

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Curly Hair Project, The

Overview of our organisation and the services we offer

The Curly Hair Project aims to improve understanding and communication between people on the autism spectrum and their non-ASD friends and family members. 

The project was founded by Alis Rowe, who has ASD but wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. She spent her whole life feeling really isolated and ‘different’ and doesn’t want anyone else to have these feelings.

 The Curly Hair Project delivers workshops for people with ASD, their families and professionals

on a range of subjects including:

  • Meltdowns and Shutdowns
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Emotions
  • Socialising

 The CHP is a social enterprise with a range of services and resources:

  • Books and eBooks
  • Counselling
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Blog

The sort of activities we offer

For details of Workshops in your area please follow this link:


Or contact Jane Tipple on 07718236166


Telephone: 07718 236166




Various venues across Suffolk

Curly Hair Project, The

Various venues across Suffolk