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Everything you need for
children and young people
with additional needs and disabilities all in one place

Terms and Conditions

Please read before using Activities Unlimited

All of the information contained on Activities Unlimited (excluding The AU Holiday Lodges) is supplied by the organisations who provide the activities or breaks and not by Suffolk County Council. Each provider has to complete an approval process before becoming an Activities Unlimited provider.  This process checks to see if the organisations have DBS checks in place, risk assessments, safe guarding training and relevant policies and procedures.  The team works with providers to ensure the relevant safe guards are implemented before approving any provider. We will check these periodically at a minimum of every 3 years however providers in receipt of grant funding are expected to complete this annually.  

It is your responsibility to check the information and to find out if the club, activity, break or service is of a high standard and able to safely meet your needs, or those of your child. If you are a child or young person, please ask your parents or carer to help you decide if the standard is appropriate. The information you need to make this decision should be available on the provider profiles and activity pages of the website. If you feel the information you need is not there then you can call the AU team of go direct to the provider.

Because we rely on others to give us the information, we cannot be sure it is correct and up to date. Suffolk County Council assumes no responsibility for information contained on this site and disclaims all liability in respect of the information. Activities Unlimited and Access Unlimited contain links to other websites. Suffolk County Council is not responsible for the content of other sites which are not part of Suffolk County Council Services and, to the extent permitted by law, disclaims all liability in respect of their content and the content of any sites which may be accessed through these other sites.

Access Unlimited

Access Unlimited is a Suffolk County Council service as is governed by their terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions for the AU Summer Stories

  1. You must be an AU member (though don't need a budget)
  2. Please be aware that if you state that a budget has been used for an activity, it needs to be within the spending guidelines. If there are any queries, as ever, get in contact with the team!
  3. We have to be able to confirm who you are (i.e. an AU member) before we can declare you a winner (but this is straightforward enough)
  4. Amazon gift vouchers that we order are physical and not digital, issued with a letter. We can adjust this at your request. Please let us know if you haven't received a voucher within 3 weeks of the competition winner being announced
  5. The intended use for any material sent in is the weekly Activities Unlimited eNewsletter when the prize is announced, and then on the AU website as a recent winner. Copies of the eNewsletter are available on an ongoing basis
  6. We will contact you for permission to use material for other purposes

Terms and conditions for the AU Holiday Lodges 

Fritton Lodge

The Grange, East Bergholt

Suffolk County Council How To Make A Complaint

Please read details of how to make a complaint here.