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Using budgets & guidance

Suffolk County Council has chosen to provide Short Break Offers for disabled children and young people who have moderate and higher levels needs, and require additional support to be able to access all the services provided under the Membership Offer. This is a funded service, which when added to the investment into specialist short break activity providers are worth three times their face value.

This enables all families to benefit from the Council’s investment into short break leisure activities (the actual cost the Council pays for a disabled child or young person to attend a quality activity, is in most cases up to three or four times more than the advertised cost.)  Activities Unlimited works with all leisure activity providers promoted on the website, but particularly specialist providers to guarantee that the venue for the leisure activity, and the skills and abilities of the staff are of a desired quality to meet the needs, wants and wishes of our disabled children and young people members. 

Our Short Break Offers are awarded from April, and need to be spent by the end of March the following year. These are awarded from the month parent carers enrol, and complete the on line self-assessment. 

Using a Short Break Offer to pay for activities

You can choose to take your Short Break Offer as;

  • Direct payment paid into your personal bank account
  • A Direct Payment via a Prepaid Card
  • Personal Allowance 
  • A split payment eg a mixture of the above.

If you choose to have a Direct Payment, your disabled child or young person’s money is paid into your bank account of your choice and you will pay the provider of the activity direct. You will need to ask for a receipt as evidence of payment and send this to the team at Endeavour House.

If you choose the Direct Payment via the Prepaid Card option, you won't need to provide receipts for expenditure as we have access to see transaction details when your pay for a service via the card. 

If you choose to have a Personal Account, the Council will look after your money. You will need to let us know when you book an activity so that our staff in Activities Unlimited can deduct the amount from your child’s account and importantly pay the activity provider. If the activity provider is not featured on the website, please contact us to make certain that we have an agreement in place.

What can I spend my Short Break offer on?

The Short Break Offers are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of individual children, young people and their family.

We have put together a guide which includes examples of the type of spend we would expect to see. However, we understand at times you may have special requests to meet the needs of your child / young person. In this event, we would ask for you to contact us to discuss and get authorisation to use the budget for this.

Download the AU spending guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding budget usage, please call us or email