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Activities Unlimited Pre-Paid Card

What is a Pre-Paid Card?

A pre-paid card is just like any debit card that you currently use, and they are used in exactly the same way to pay for items and services that you access but you won’t be able to withdraw cash from the account unless there is a reason why you would need to do this and then you would still have to submit receipts and evidence of spend. There is no bank account attached to the card the Activities Unlimited funding is simply loaded onto the card and from this, direct debits, standing orders can be set up so that regular payments can be made to services which you access. You can also use the card to make payments over the internet, or telephone and will be issued with a pin number just like your debit cards. It is important to note that these cards do not have a credit facility so they do not allow an individual to go overdrawn.

What are the benefits for users?

  • Reduces the need to keep and send statements and receipts to AU to evidence how you’ve spent your funding
  • Easy monitoring and management of balances
  • Can be advised by email or text when a payment has been received into the prepayment card account
  • Online access to view balance, transactions and to set up regular payments, transfers 
  • If your child is over 16 they can have their own card to promote independence

Why are we using them?

  • Enables the AU team to monitor how short break offers are being spent more efficiently
  • Supports personalisation and commissioning agendas
  • Short break funding can be easily monitored against AU’s spending guidelines and outcomes
  • Short break offer data readily available for analysis, reporting and market development

Can I continue with a direct payment / personal allowance?

Yes, you do not have to accept a prepaid card to manage your short break award however it will be a preferred option for families in receipt of funding.

Your short break award for 2018/19

If you are currently in receipt of a short break award please look out for communication from us from February 2018 detailing what we need you to do to be considered for 18/19.

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