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AU Stories

We love to hearing about what you get up to on your short breaks and finding out about your trips out.

With this in mind, we ran a weekly competition called AU Stories in our eNewsletter (click the link if you aren't already subscribed!) over the summer and autumn term. Whilst we aren't running the competition at the moment, we're always very happy to receive your stories!

Let us know about your breaks and regular activities; tell us where you went, what you did, and, most of all, what was the most fun! Tell us in any way you like; you could write a story or poem, draw a picture, make a collage or anything, just so long as it tells us what you've been up to!

You can see our competition winners below.

Send your AU Stories to:

Arthur portrait upright
"I can’t put into words just how much he loves having this creative outlet"


12/10/18 - Art sessions

This week's winning entry comes from Arthur, his mum Stefanie tells us:

From an early age, Arthur showed artistic flair which I struggled to foster as I can hardly draw a straight line. However Arthur’s artwork have always been very 3 dimensional and tactile, like him I guess... Arthur now does 2-hour art sessions at home of ‘The Distressed Artist’. They are wildly varied and while most of the girls sit nicely and draw, Arthur tends to head out into the garden and find bits and pieces to create with. I can’t put into words just how much he loves having this creative outlet.

Here are a couple of his creations (and him, kinda)!

A terrific effort from Arthur, and another provider that's new to us! Many thanks to him and his mum, I hope his rummaging creations continue for many years to come.

Jason cropped image showing brownie
"I think it's the highlight of his week!"


05/10/18 - Sudbury Youth Hub

This week's entry came from Jason, whose mum Julie tells us:

 "Jason loves going to the Sudbury Youth Hub on a Friday night, I think it's the highlight of his week! He gets to socialise with other young people his age and take park in some really fun activities, the end of term water fight being his favourite! Here's a picture of Jason proudly showing his chocolate brownies they made one evening."

From the sounds of it there's a great range of activities going on at the hub! We've put in a link to the activity page if you or someone you know fancies going along. Leading Lives operate similar groups in Bury, Ipswich and Lowestoft - check the holiday brochure for more!

Joshua profile pic
"It's so lovely to see him laughing that much!"


28/09/18 - Go-Karting

Mechelle, Joshua's mother says:

"Our son Joshua who's 14 loves to go to Anglia Karting. They are aware he is autistic and have spent extra time making sure he understands and really enjoys the sessions!! Since crawling round the track when he started he is now whizzing round confidently and safely thanks to the morning course he attended in August. He has learnt so much and can't wait to get on the track!! It's so lovely to see him laughing that much!"

Joshua looks to have had a rare old time - The editor personally had his eighth birthday party at Anglia Karting and is still telling people about it to this day. Glad to know they're inclusive and still going strong!

Frankie Bounceability


21/09/18 - Trampolining and riding

Frankie's mum Samantha tells us:

"Frankie really enjoys visiting Bounceability in Colchester once a fortnight after school for a disability trampolining session with his coach Linda. He also loves riding Jigsaw on a Sunday at Bentley Riding Centre"

You can, of course, use an AU budget to access activities outside of Suffolk, so we're pleased to see Frankie venturing to Colchester!

Ryleigh small
"My son is a very happy boy when swimming comes round each week!"


14/09/18 Swimming lessons

Ryleigh has been accessing 1:1 swimming lessons at his local leisure centre

His mum Emma tells us:
"Since starting these lessons earlier in the year Ryleigh has now reached stage 5. Being autistic Ryleigh finds it difficult to understand and follow instructions and feels uncomfortable in group situations. He prefers to learn in 1:1 situations and relies on teacher support 

From being a non swimmer to being able to swim on his back, go under water and even do handstands under water is amazing! His confidence has improved and he loves his swimming instructor... My son is a very happy boy when swimming comes round each week!"