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AU Stories

We love to hearing about what you get up to on your short breaks and finding out about your trips out.

With this in mind, we ran a weekly competition called AU Stories in our eNewsletter (click the link if you aren't already subscribed!) over the summer and autumn term. Whilst we aren't running the competition at the moment, we're always very happy to receive your stories!

Let us know about your breaks and regular activities; tell us where you went, what you did, and, most of all, what was the most fun! Tell us in any way you like; you could write a story or poem, draw a picture, make a collage or anything, just so long as it tells us what you've been up to!

You can see our competition winners below.

Send your AU Stories to:

Robert small


07/09/18 - Train trips and harbour ferry

Robert's parents say:

"Robert has had fun over the summer holidays with train trips and trying the harbour ferry at Felixstowe and being in a boat for the first time which he enjoyed very much"

We at AU are big fans of the harbour ferry and often try to get a trip in when we visit our Felixstowe Ferry Centre. Thanks again Robert!

Jack summer story pic
"Fun meeting friends and playing games"


24/08/18 - Gymnastics camp

Many thanks to Jack and his mum for sending us this piece, we hope you enjoyed the gymnastics camp!

"Thanks for a lovely weekend"


17/08/18 - Lodge stay and Colchester Zoo

Eugene had this to say about a recent visit to one of our Activities Unlimited Lodges:

"Hi AU

My name is Eugene and I am 12. Last weekend we stayed at Grange Lodge in East Bergholt. We've stayed a few times before,.I love it there. I love my room and the swimming pool. This year we discovered the nearby woodland walk.

I have attached a couple of photos of me at Colchester zoo (I liked the monkeys!) and another sitting on the veranda at the Lodge with mum's sunglasses on (plus a spare!).

Thanks for a lovely weekend!"


Jack AU Summer Story Bounce 2
"A wonderful day all round!"


10/08/18 - Bounce!

Many thanks to Jack's mum who sent us in this:

"My name is Jack and I had a fantastic day out with my carer and without my mum for the first time. I went to Bounce, McDonald's and the pet shop."

Jack "is learning to spend time away from his mum outside of school which is a huge step for him. Not only did he have a great time it allowed mum to do something with Jack's brother. A wonderful day all round!"

Clockwise from top left: In McDonalds, at Bounce and exploring the pet shop!


Competition winner 3rd August
"Coaches made him feel welcome"


03/08/18 - Saturday football

Thanks to Joe and his mum Lesley for sharing his Summer Story

Joe used his direct payments to train and play football on Saturday mornings at Goals in Ipswich for 10 weeks. She tells us the pricing was good, that he thoroughly enjoyed himself and that the coaches at Goals went out of their way to make him feel welcome.