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AU Stories

We love to hearing about what you get up to on your short breaks and finding out about your trips out.

With this in mind, we ran a weekly competition called AU Stories in our eNewsletter (click the link if you aren't already subscribed!) over the summer and autumn term. Whilst we aren't running the competition at the moment, we're always very happy to receive your stories!

Let us know about your breaks and regular activities; tell us where you went, what you did, and, most of all, what was the most fun! Tell us in any way you like; you could write a story or poem, draw a picture, make a collage or anything, just so long as it tells us what you've been up to!

You can see our competition winners below.

Send your AU Stories to:

2018 Mountfitchet revisited with Tori 3
"Thank you AU for making repeated days like this more doable"


16/11/18 - Mountfichet Castle

Karen, Tori's mum, sent in these pictures, full of summer warmth, and told us:

"Tori is completely blind and has microcephaly. She is 5 years old. In summer she enjoyed a day out to Montfitchet Castle and Saxon Village so much that we went again later with big sister, Keziah aged 10 also blind.

Thank you Activities Unlimited for making repeated days like this more doable."

What lovely days out you seem to have had!

"These activities...are so beneficial for her"


09/11/18 - Horse riding and piano lessons

Thanks to Keziah's mum Karen, who sent in this:

"Keziah is 10 years old and is completely blind and has microcephaly.

Every Wednesday she goes horse-riding with RDA at Shelley. She loves riding and enjoys having the captive audience of volunteer helpers to chat with as they walk beside her. After riding we zoom over the other side of town for her piano lesson.

Thank you Activities Unlimited for making these activities that are so beneficial for her affordable."

Wow Keziah, you're certainly making the most of your Wednesdays! It's great to see you getting a lot out of your membership, thank you for your story!


Ethan costume characters
"Fabulous time at half term"


02/11/18 - Half term trips

We heard from his mum, Trish: "I wanted to share some photos of Ethan’s fabulous time at half term. Thank you so much AU for enabling him to have such fun!"

When I asked her about what he gets up to outside of half-term, she told me:

"Ethan attends Brightstars in Bury and he absolutely loves it! The staff are amazing and the range of activities seems endless. I would be very happy to recommend them.

We took him to the Nearly Festival in the Summer which he was in his element at with lots of tribute bands and dancing and singing all day long!"

As ever, we're very grateful for you sending in your stories and recommendations, thank you!


Archie eNews
"He loves it"


26/10/18 - Cooking, bowling, and other fun!

Archie's mum Lindsey tells us:

"My son Archie is autistic and has difficulties making friends and socialising. We use his money on a group called Avenues East, they meet every other week on a Saturday morning at Bury bowl, Frankie & Bennies or the Abbey gardens for different activities, he loves it.

Also some of his money goes on a cooking club called Time and Space,

Archie has learnt to make different pasta from scratch and pasta sauce. The theme this term was Italy. This Picture is Archie at his cooking group."

Thanks Archie! Very impressed with the cooking skills, there's nothing like homemade pasta!


Molly Cats
"She was chuffed to bits to get a lead role in Cats"


19/10/18 Acting and singing lessons

This week's winning entry comes from Molly. Her mum Faith tells us:

"My daughter Molly is 15 and has PDA syndrome. She absolutely loves drama and uses her budget from AU to access a theatre group and singing lessons.

She was chuffed to bits to get a lead role in Cats the musical this year and played Grizabella. Thanks to AU for making it possible!"

Brilliant, thanks Molly. Grizabella's an excellent part with lots of sides to her character, I hope you enjoyed playing her!